Issue : S-Curve in Excel

I can see this is the most hot topic and tags for ‘S-Curve in Excel’ is the highest!! Therefore, I’ll give priority for this topic and here it goes!

Step 1: Get Bill of Quantities (BQ) from Quantity Surveyor (QS) & tabulate as follow:


Step 2: With the input from your approved schedule, tabulate the cost into Month i.e. Preliminaries Works $709, 196.57 divide with 14 months = $50,656.90/month. Please remember this is linear tabulation & the accuracy is between 70%-80%. To get more accurate, breakdown Preliminaries activity into more detail instead of single line.

02 (resize)

Step 3: Insert 2D or 3D lines and Select Data from Cummulative Amount.

03 (resize)

Step 4: You can generate your Planned Value (PV) S-Curve now! Please remember to key in another 2 lines which is Actual Cost (AC) & Earned Value (EV) to measure your Cost Performance Index (CPI) & Schedule Performance Index (SPI). Good luck!

04 (resize)


59 Responses

  1. Learn to draw S-curve on Crtitical path duration of Power Boiler project

  2. hey i want to know how to draw an s-curve for the projects
    and also the importance and other stuff related to S-Curves..
    can anyone mail such a material to

  3. i recently designed an ms program that parses automatically data from primavera 6 SDK and generate s-curve in excel. if interested kindly send me an email. this works in office 2007.

  4. very interesting… Can You please, give me some information of how can I find the area of a constructio Site using Excel…


  5. Hi Adrianne, will you please e-mail me the detail?
    Regards, Paul.

  6. Dear Friend,

    Please provide me with the required to draw the S- curve in P5.
    I will be very thankful.


  7. other than using cost to gauge the s curve. is it possible to use amount of rebar/concrete to gauge the planned/actual progress of the s curve? if u hv an example for me to review, pls email me at
    thanks in advance.

  8. hey guys any of you help me by sending a soft copy of s-curve in excel pls

  9. i wish to get the spreadsheet for my projects calculation .. i think this is wat my lecturer wan, do u mind mail me?

  10. Hi need steps to Draw S curve for a construction Project

  11. kindly send me as well the s curve by email. Thank you, very appreciated

    Wish you happy

  12. can you send me soft copy of this sample i need it asap
    i appreciate it very much thank you

  13. can you send me soft copy of this sample i need it asap
    i appreciate it very much thank you very much

    • Hi Eli,
      I’m sorry to say that I can’t do that. Work ethic, I need to protect the information for my client interest even though the project is completed. You can use the guidance given and try to spend your time to build the table & s-curve in MS excel. Trust me, by doing this you will know better.

  14. Nice discussion

  15. Mr.adrianne

    Can you please send me details about S-Curve.

  16. Hi

    I’m new with the primavera 6. How to create the manhour S-curve in percentage by using the P^6


    • HAK,

      Do you mean to create Schedule % Complete based on man/hour unit but without the labor cost/expenses/material cost?
      If yes, that is not possible. As default, Schedule % Complete always refer to cost as the basis for the calculation. The cost may comprise:

      1) Expenses only
      2) Man/hour i.e. Total Labor Cost
      3) Material cost
      4) All the above

      Hope this will explain. Have a good day!

      • Can i have u email address. I will email u the template that i need to do.


  17. could someone please send me a sample of s curve diagram in excel.

    my email add :

    I appreciate

  18. Hi Andrianne,

    Could you please send me the template for drawing up an Scurve in excel. thanks

  19. Please send me the Scurve template in excel.


  20. Hi Andrianne, i would really appreciate it if you could forward me your s-curve template as demostrated above. i would also be happy to continue discussions with you in the future re any improvements that either of us could make to it. regards, russell

  21. Hi Mr Adrian,

    Currently i working for the S-Curve with the excel files.
    Activity Vs. Manhours (M/H). Could i have the template. Thanks

  22. Hi there,
    appreciate if you could also forward me the S-Curve template in excel to my email address i.e.
    Thank You.

  23. Hi Mr Adrian,

    Really appreciate if you can email to me too.. My email

    Thanks in advance..


  24. Thank you

  25. I have MS project version 10 , i would like to prepred s curve based on
    % completed . Please help me.

  26. Dear Adraine

    I am new one to work on S curve excel sheet,kindly send me sample of excel sheet.

  27. Hi Andrianne,

    Could you also send me the template for drawing up an S-curve in excel.

    Thanks Dennis

  28. Hi Andrianne,
    Could you also send me the template for drawing up an S-curve in excel.

  29. Hi!

    could you also send me the template for drawing s curved in exell.

  30. Dear Sir,

    I also like to get S-curve in excel template because I am beginner of project planning and I like to know how to construct the S-curve in excel. Please send me it with attached file. My mail address is civil.ptu; Thank for your knowledge sharing and I wish that you can share more than it.


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